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Modern companies require the latest telecommunications equipment to optimise both internal and external communications. However, given the technology-driven rate of equipment obsolescence, companies would much rather use flexible finance solutions to pay for the use than to actually buy the equipment.

Drawing on its global resources, First Leasing Bank has strong expertise in the telecommunications market. In a world where rapid advances in communication technology have helped create the concept of global village, First Leasing Bank brings the knowledge and expertise its partners require to deliver international equipment leasing solutions on a local basis.

Information Technology

Advanced communication technology, and global competition has forced business to become more cost effective through increased productivity. Today, an organization’s IT infrastructure is the very foundation for operational efficiency.

First Leasing Bank accesses the leading local, regional and global providers of information technology products and services with great flexibility in the solutions offered, providing everything from simple finance agreements to highly specialised structures, such as Total Solution Financing or Technology Refresh, all designed to help customers maintain state-of-the-art technology infrastructure.
Industry and Construction

‘Hard assets’ are more than a collection of bolts, valves, tubing and girders. Today’s industrial environment requires fast and creative responses to the demands of global competition. Whether building new infrastructure, upgrading existing production, or installing environmental and safety compliance technology,

First Leasing Bank has the tools to help. To ease the burden of production ramp ups, FLB offers deferred payment plans. Alternatively, First Leasing Bank can buy existing productive assets and lease them back (sale leaseback); the proceeds can then be used to purchase and install new capacity.

Complex surgical procedures. Sophisticated equipment. Improved services. Healthcare providers are constantly searching for ways to enhance and administer topquality care. Private hospitals, clinics and physicians seek additional funding sources in an effort to lower running costs, or to update medical equipment.

First Leasing Bank understands. First Lea
sing Bank has experience in managing large-scale healthcare industry programmes and as a result we supply the full spectrum of healthcare providers with the financial tools they need to acquire the latest technology.

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