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First Leasing Bank is a proven financing partner offering a wide range of solutions in selected markets. We have proven expertise in understanding both localized and global requirements and provide creative financing solutions and programmes that deliver top and bottom line benefits to our vendor partners, their distributors, dealers and end users.

Potential for Investors
Lease returns are normally higher than traditional ‘bank products’ due to lower cost structures. FLB Lease Funds offer a variety of vehicles designed to meet different investor objectives. Finance Lease Funds have the advantage of a predictable fixed income investment. Operating Lease Funds potentially offer a higher overall return through End-of-Term residual realisation. Blended funds of the two products are also available.

A lease is often a more secure investment because it is supported by the credit quality of the lessee as well as by the collateral value, and ownership of a specific productive asset.

The Bank actively manages the lease portfolio to ensure that the lessee stays current with payment schedules and maintains the asset properly. FLB helps maximize the residual value of the operating lease by remaining in contact with the lessee. And by understanding the lessee’s business and asset plan, First Leasing Bank is ready to facilitate a midterm upgrade, negotiate a purchase or renewal at End-of-Term, or move the asset quickly back to the manufacturer or to the used equipment market.

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